Finders Keepers

A Practical Approach to Find and Keep Your Writing Critique Partner

The writer’s life is solitary … only if you want it to be.

Writing critique partnerships could solve creative isolation, but confusion on the topic abounds. Where do you find one? How do they work? How do you move past a bad experience.

We’re critique partners who, over the years, cultivated a process, redeemed our mistakes and maintained our friendship.

Finders Keepers is our conversation analyzing six aspects of critique partnerships.

  • Defining Critique Partnerships
  • Evaluating Yourself for Your New Role
  • Choosing a Critique Partner
  • Preparing for a Critique
  • Giving a Critique
  • Receiving a Critique

We’re more than just talk, though.

Each topic has hands-on challenges to encourage introspection and strategic action, strengthening your relationship into an unstoppable team. With this dynamic, you can confidently launch more powerful, polished words that reflect your purpose.

We find our critique partnership personally fulfilling and professionally accelerating; we desire the same for you. Are you in it for keeps?